Table 2

 Results of the linear regression model predicting self rated health status in 2000

ModelβB95 % CI for bToleranceVIF
SRH, self reported health status; RLE, recent stressful life event. A review of the residuals and plot of expected cumulative probability and observed cumulative probability showed that the fit of the linear regression model was satisfactory.
Age (years)−0.17−0.01−0.02−0.010.911
Sex (referent: male)−0.03−0.06−0.10−0.021.001
SRH in 19980.490.520.490.540.871
RLE in 2000 (referent: none)−0.05−0.12−0.17−0.080.921
SOC in 1998 (centred)
SOC in 1998 (centred) by RLE in 20000.030.0040.0010.010.622