Table 3

 Parameter estimates for models containing individual social class and smoking, area deprivation, and social class and smoking aggregated to the area level (n = 8804)

CovariateModel AModel BModel CModel D
OR(95% CI)OR(95% CI)OR(95% CI)OR(95% CI)
Individual level
Social class (baseline high)
Smoking (baseline never)
Area level1.04(1.02,1.06)
Carstairs score
Categorised deprivation (baseline least deprived)
    Most deprived
Area social class
Area smoking score
Variance between areas (95% CI)0.035(0.004,0.079)0.034(0.006,0.077)0.041(0.007,0.087)0.018(0.000,0.054)
Model E Model F Model G Model H
Individual level
Social class (baseline high)
Smoking (baseline never)
Area level
Carstairs score1.04(1.02,1.06)
Categorised deprivation (baseline least deprived)
    Most deprived1.32(1.15,1.51)
Area social class1.59(1.28,1.99)
Area smoking score1.46(1.22,1.74)
Variance between areas (95% CI)0.023(0.001,0.058)0.029(0.002,0.074)0.023(0.001,0.058)0.027(0.002,0.066)