Table 2

 Monthly frequencies in suicides in Switzerland, 1881–1920 and 1969–2000, by suicide method†

Suicide method1881–19201969–2000
Numberχ2 (2 df)Peak-low ratioLower CIUpper CINumberχ2 (2 df)Peak-low ratioLower CIUpper CI
†Poisoning by gas, run over by train, etc, were omitted because of low frequencies in the first period or in both periods. *p<0.05; **p<0.01; ***p<0.001. Edwards’ test χ2 values, peak-low ratios and 95% confidence intervals.
Poisoning by solid or liquid substance12720.
Hanging, strangulation12129357.5***1.641.561.731163544.0***
Firearms, explosives635148.3****
Cutting, piercing131328.7***1.531.301.798621.
Jumping from high places90715.4***1.451.201.76466417.7***