Table 1

 Prevalences, age adjusted odds ratios (OR), and 95% confidence intervals (CI) of low leisure time physical activity in relation to educational level and socioeconomic status. The Scania health survey 2000

Number (total)OR95% CINumber (total)OR95% CI
*Reference category.
Education level
Secondary school13851.5(1.2 to 1.9)11471.5(1.2 to 1.9)
Compulsory school8901.9(1.4 to 2.4)6081.8(1.5 to 2.3)
Socioeconomic status
High level non-manual5871.0–*5191.0–*
Middle level non-manual7251.2(0.9 to 1.8)5691.0(0.7 to 1.5)
Low level non-manual3711.5(1.1 to 2.2)6311.7(1.1 to 2.5)
Skilled manual worker5471.4(1.1 to 2.0)8001.1(0.7 to 1.7)
Unskilled manual worker7001.8(1.3 to 2.4)3762.1(1.4 to 3.1)
Self employed and farmers4401.8(1.3 to 2.5)1441.3(0.8 to 2.4)