Table 1

 Serial changes in serum folate and total plasma homocysteine concentrations after voluntary folate fortification in Australia in a population based cohort

VariableBaselineFollow up 1Compared with baseline*Follow up 2Compared with follow up 1*Trend over time
n = 468. *Paired sample t test. tHcy, total plasma homocysteine.
Serum folate (μg/l) (SD)7.4 (4.5)9.8 (5.1)p<0.000510.2 (4.5)p = 0.124p<0.0005
Serum folate <6 μg/l39%21%p<0.000517%P = 0.005p<0.0005
tHcy (μmol/l) (SD)11.7 (3.6)9.6 (3.3)p<0.00059.3 (3.7)p = 0.004p<0.0005
tHcy >13 μmol/l29%11%p<0.000510%P = 0.755p<0.0005
Pearson correlation between serum folate and tHcyr = −0.26r = −0.32r = −0.31
% Use of folate supplements15.410.7p = 0.02020.7p<0.0005p<0.0005