Table 2

 Cross tabulation of other measures of lifecourse socioeconomic position with childhood and adult occupational social class

Childhood social classAdult social class
% Of non-manual (n = 857)% Of manual (n = 3429)p% Of non-manual (n = 1831)% Of manual (n = 2455)p
Child manual69.188.1<0.001
Child no bathroom18.647.8<0.00128.751.8<0.001
Child no hot water16.544.6<0.00126.348.5<0.001
Child no car access60.789.2<0.00175.689.3<0.001
Child shared bedroom32.161.6<0.00144.164.3<0.001
Left school age ⩽1416.846.5<0.00126.251.3<0.001
Adult manual34.163.1<0.001
Adult no car access19.735.3<0.00119.341.8<0.001
Adult living in social housing5.520.8<0.0015.926.5<0.001
Adult no occupational or private pension arrangements16.838.1<0.00115.347.7<0.001