Table 3

Poisson multilevel models on general mortality, women

People aged 15–64People aged ⩾65
RR*95% CIRR†95% CIRR*95% CIRR†95% CI
*Adjusted for age and area of birth; †adjusted for age, area of birth, and all the other reported variables.
Housing conditions large dwelling11
small dwelling—owned1.141.11 to 1.170.960.91 to 1.01
small dwelling—rented1.141.11 to to 1.10
dwelling with no indoor bathroom or heating1.421.38 to 1.451.151.10 to 1.20
Educational level high school or college11
middle school1.211.17 to to 1.16
primary school or less1.491.45 to 1.531.191.12 to 1.27
Neighbourhood advantaged1111
medium1.121.08 to to to to 1.07
deprived1.161.12 to to to to 1.09
Time period by period0.850.84 to 0.860.930.92 to 0.940.820.81 to 0.840.840.82 to 0.86
Variance components: neighbourhoodsest = 0est = 0est = 0est = 0
individualsest = 1.213p<0.001est = 1.073p<0.001est = 5.311p<0.001est = 5.872p<0.001
Results of stratum specific models RR† for increasing time period 95% CI
Time by education
High school or college0.820.77 to 0.86
middle school0.890.85 to 0.92
primary school or less0.980.96 to 1.00