Table 1

 Assumed distribution of wages and health insurance at baseline for the estimated 10000 workers subject to the Los Angeles living wage ordinance

Group 1Group 2Group 3Total
*The total number of workers covered by the living wage ordinance is from an estimate from the City Administrative Office (CAO) for the City of Los Angeles. The distribution of workers by wage was based on the wage distribution among low income workers found by Pollin and Brenner.5 †The narrow $2/h range in wages does not affect the likelihood of having health insurance.31 Therefore, the estimated 60% of uninsured workers are assumed to be equally distributed between the wage categories.
Average hourly wage (Wi)$6.75/h$7.75/h$8.75/h
Number* (Ni)58002500170010000
Number without health insurance† (NUi)3480150010206000