Table 5

 Multivariate analyses of associations between socioeconomic status variables and injury

Socioeconomic status variable*SES level*
I (highest)IIIIIIVV (lowest)
OR†(95% CI)†OR†(95% CI)†OR†(95% CI)†OR†(95% CI)†
*See tables 3 and 4 for definitions of levels for each socioeconomic status variable. †Simultaneously adjusted for age, sex, and other socioeconomic status variables associated with the specific injury outcome.
Individual level variables
Family affluence scale
    Medically treated injury1.000.76(0.68 to 0.84)0.53(0.45 to 0.63)
    Sport/recreational injury1.000.77(0.68 to 0.86)0.50(0.40 to 0.62)
How often I go to bed or school hungry
    Medically treated injury1.001.29(1.11 to 1.50)1.05(0.69 to 1.58)1.71(0.90 to 3.26)
    Injury hospitalisation1.001.71(1.21 to 2.41)3.00(1.51 to 5.94)2.25(0.83 to 6.13)
    Sport/recreational injury1.001.04(0.88 to 1.23)0.53(0.30 to 0.94)0.72(0.34 to 1.54)
    Fighting injury1.000.90(0.50 to 1.64)1.79(0.62 to 5.22)4.46(1.56 to 12.81)
I feel safe in the area where I live
    Medically treated injury1.001.21(1.08 to 1.36)1.69(1.30 to 2.19)2.57(1.51 to 4.39)
    Injury hospitalisation1.000.93(0.67 to 1.29)1.90(1.13 to 3.21)2.37(1.04 to 5.40)
Area I live in is a good place to live
    Fighting injury1.001.23(0.75 to 2.01)2.21(1.31 to 3.74)8.01(3.93 to 16.32)9.12(4.01 to 20.78)
How well off my family is
    Injury hospitalisation1.000.62(0.44 to 0.89)0.71(0.51 to 1.01)0.85(0.47 to 1.54)1.12(0.63 to 1.98)
Area level variables
Lone parent families
    Injury hospitalisation1.001.48(0.94 to 2.34)1.64(1.04 to 2.61)1.64(1.05 to 2.56)
Less than high school education
    Injury hospitalisation1.001.31(0.83 to 2.06)1.19(0.75 to 1.90)2.11(1.36 to 3.28)
Average employment income
    Sport/recreational injury1.000.81(0.68 to 0.97)0.80(0.67 to 0.96)0.97(0.81 to 1.15)