Table 1

 Selected examples of how HIA has been applied in EU member states

CountryAdministrative level at which HIA conducted (national, regional, local)Policy sectors to which HIA has been applied
Sources: Welsh Assembly government (2003), Health Development Agency HIA gateway web site (
NetherlandsHealth impact screening of national policy31Housing policy,37 employment,38 environmental energy tax,31 national budget39
EnglandNationalBurglary reduction initiative,40 national alcohol strategy41
RegionalLondon Mayoral strategies including transport, waste disposal, economic development42,43
LocalRegeneration projects,44 farmers markets
WalesNational32Home energy efficiency scheme, Objective 1 programme,45 tourism (national botanical garden)46
LocalPower station development, landfill sites, housing renewal scheme
SwedenNationalAgriculture,27 alcohol policy
Local county council level47Various