Table 2

 Fifty one items within their seven clusters and the average ratings for each of the four IPV outcomes

ClusterItem name (item number*)Prevalence ratingSeverity ratingPerpetration ratingCessation rating
*These five items were added by the researchers to the original list generated by the participants. These items reflected neighbourhood characteristics that appear in the literature but not explicity mentioned by the participants.
Cluster 1: deterioration contributors
Poverty (40)*highhighhighlow
Evictions (38)moderatemoderatemoderatelow
Isolated locations (41)moderatemoderatemoderatelow
Lots of people moving in and out (51)*lowlowlowlow
Abandoned houses (27)lowlowlowlow
Lots of rubbish (6)lowlowlowlow
Cluster 2: negative social attributes
People who are hanging out (1)lowmoderatemoderatelow
Violence (42)highhighhighlow
Access to drugs(5)highhighhighlow
Unemployment (16)highhighhighlow
People who do not care (7)moderatehighmoderatelow
Children exposed to drugs on the street (9)moderatemoderatemoderatelow
Police that do not care (32)moderatehighmoderatelow
Public drunkenness (2)moderatehighhighlow
Racial/ethnic segregation (21)lowlowlowlow
Cluster 3: violence attitudes and behaviours
Macho attitudes about control (12)highhighhighlow
Ignorance about intimate partner violence (3)highhighhighlow
People who should know better (4)highhighhighlow
Child abuse (36)highmoderatemoderatelow
Lay offs (39)moderatehighhighlow
Mental illness (11)moderatehighhighlow
Absence of adults (10)moderatemoderatemoderatelow
Youth homicide/child homicide (37)moderatemoderatemoderatelow
Gossip (45)moderatemoderatemoderatelow
Single mothers (8)moderatelowmoderatelow
Cluster 4: stabilisation factors
People who intervene themselves (31)moderatelowmoderatemoderate
Families with young children (49)*moderatelowlowmoderate
Income/wealth (47)*moderatelowlowmoderate
Cultural norms (46)lowlowlowmoderate
People with professional jobs (48)*lowlowlowmoderate
Cluster 5: neighbourhood monitoring
People who call 911, the police, authority (30)moderatelowlowhigh
Job availability (15)moderatelowlowmoderate
People who take a stand (29)moderatelowlowhigh
Alertness/vigilance of people (44)moderatelowlowmoderate
Curfew (13)lowlowlowmoderate
Homeownership (28)lowlowlowmoderate
Cluster 6: communication networks
Police presence (23)moderatelowlowhigh
Churches (24)moderatelowlowhigh
People who are aware of resources (33)moderatelowlowhigh
Communication between neighbours (20)lowlowlowmoderate
Community networks (22)lowlowlowhigh
Neighbourhood meetings (43)lowlowlowmoderate
Playgrounds (17)lowlowlowmoderate
Cluster 7: community enrichment resourcesIPV shelters (50)*highlowlowhigh
Women’s groups (34)moderatelowlowhigh
Hotlines (25)moderatelowlowhigh
Outreach centres (35)moderatelowlowhigh
Emergency assistance programmes (26)moderatelowlowhigh
Access to public health facilities (14)lowlowlowhigh
Community centres (19)lowlowlowmoderate
Recreation centres for children (18)lowlowlowmoderate