Table 2

 DALYs lost attributable to selected causes in the European Union and Australia, around 1995, and WHO EUR-A region, 2000

EU (%)Australia (%)EUR-A region (%)
*Technically the PAF for high blood cholesterol reported by the Australian study and the comparative risk Assessment project. Estimates for the PAFs for high blood pressure (although partly related to diet—particularly sodium intakes) have been omitted from this table to avoid duplication (for example, with overweight). Sources: National Institute of Public Health, Stockholm, 1997,11 Mathers et al, 199912 and comparative risk assessment project.7,8
Alcohol consumption8.42.16.6
Diet (including overweight) 8.3 9.6 15.5
    Overweight and obesity3.74.36.9
    Low fruit and vegetable intake3.52.72.3
    High saturated fat intake/low polyunsaturated fat intake*
Physical inactivity1.46.72.8