Table 3

 Tasks need to be undertaken to establish the role of GPwSI in public health

LevelTask needed
Faculty of Public Health and Royal College of General Practitioners• Define competencies and training required
• Identifying potential roles and responsibilities
• Establish formats for accreditation and appraisal
Primary care trust and local authority• Agree a model of health and vision for potential contribution
• Establish flexibility of resources to pay for time and for resulting projects
• Offer avenues for salaried, PMS, or GMS doctors
Public health team• Adjusting team working to accommodate a “part time” person
• Clearly define management structure
• Define local accountability, agree responsibility, resources and support
• Training
GPwSI• Acquire suitable training for accreditation in public health, for example, MPH, DFPH, MFPH
• Maintain competence and appraisal
• Negotiate agreed model of practice