Table 2

 Hazard ratios* (HR) and 95% confidence intervals (CI) for total and cause specific mortality by sex

Cause of deathMenWomen
HR95% CINumber of deathsHR95% CINumber of deaths
CVD, cardiovascular disease; CHD, coronary heart disease. *Non-participants compared with participants, eight year follow up, adjusted for age, area, and study year. †Deaths caused by lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. ‡Alcohol related diseases, injuries, and poisonings.
Total2.061.87 to 2.2722612.562.19 to 3.00866
CVD1.891.62 to 2.1910302.631.97 to 3.51267
    Stroke1.681.12 to 2.521531.911.07 to 3.4281
    CHD1.921.63 to 2.268772.942.11 to 4.11186
Cancer1.541.22 to 1.954531.220.87 to 1.71293
    Suicides1.710.96 to 3.03545.071.76 to 14.614
Tobacco †1.971.43 to 2.702321.460.49 to 4.3522
Alcohol ‡3.102.37 to 4.042364.332.10 to 8.9431