Table 4

 Social capital predicting drinking related harms and second hand effects

Before adjusting for consumptionAfter adjusting for consumption
OR†95% CIOR‡95% CI
†Adjusted for age, sex, race, SES, individual volunteerism, Greek membership, public/private institution, enrolment size, geographical region, and response rate. ‡Adjusted for variables listed above plus individual consumption style—drinking on 10 or more occasions in the past month and drunk on three or more occasions in the past month. §Analysis limited to students who did not binge. ¶Adjusted for variables listed above (footnote†) plus college level consumption style—percentage of binge drinkers in college. ‡p<0.1, *p<0.05, **p<0.01, ***p<0.001.
Drinking related harms
Hangover0.51**(0.31 to 0.81)0.59*(0.39 to 0.88)
Miss class0.74(0.44 to 1.26)0.91(0.57 to 1.48)
Get behind in school work0.77(0.50 to 1.20)1.04(0.72 to 1.50)
Do something later regretted0.67+(0.45 to 1.02)0.84(0.59 to 1.19)
Black out0.53*(0.32 to 0.88)0.62*(0.40 to 0.97)
Argue with friends0.70+(0.46 to 1.07)0.82(0.56 to 1.20)
Engage in unplanned sexual activity0.78(0.51 to 1.21)0.91(0.62 to 1.36)
Unprotected sex1.26(0.78 to 2.06)1.45(0.90 to 2.34)
Damage property0.72(0.40 to 1.31)0.84(0.50 to 1.43)
Get into trouble with the campus or local police0.62(0.29 to 1.34)0.58(0.28 to 1.21)
Get hurt or injured0.43**(0.23 to 0.80)0.47**(0.27 to 0.80)
Required medical treatment for an alcohol overdose0.75(0.16 to 3.45)1.47(0.27 to 7.90)
Having five or more above mentioned harm0.51*(0.29 to 0.90)0.68(0.41 to 1.11)
Secondhand effects of others’ drinking§ OR95% CIOR¶95% CI
Been insulted or humiliated0.44**(0.27to 0.75)0.80(0.52 to 1.24)
Had a serious argument or quarrel0.60*(0.36 to 0.99)0.92(0.57 to 1.47)
Been pushed, hit, or assaulted0.51*(0.28 to 0.91)0.88(0.52 to 1.51)
Had your property damaged0.28***(0.14 to 0.55)0.59+(0.34 to 1.03)
Had to take care of another student who drunk0.41***(0.24 to 0.69)0.79(0.51 to 1.22)
Found vomit in the residence0.18***(0.08 to 0.41)0.47*(0.22 to 0.99)
Had study or sleep interrupted0.19***(0.09 to 0.41)0.53*(0.28 to 0.99)
Experienced an unwanted sexual advance0.48*(0.29 to 0.77)0.73(0.46 to 1.16)
Been a victim of sexual assault0.33(0.09 to 1.16)0.32(0.08 to 1.22)
Been a victim of another crime on campus0.33(0.08 to 1.36)0.41(0.09 to 1.86)
Been a victim of another crime off campus1.44(0.51 to 4.09)1.40(0.45 to 4.37)
Having 3+ above mentioned secondhand effects0.30***(0.16 to 0.58)0.72(0.43 to 1.20)