Table 3

 Social capital predicting alcohol abuse and consumption style

OR†95% CI
†Adjusted for age, sex, race, SES, individual volunteerism, Greek membership, public/private institution, geographical region, enrolment size, and response rate. ‡Analysis limited to first year students. §p<0.1, *p<0.05, **p<0.01.
Alcohol abuse criteria
Social role failure0.73(0.39 to 1.37)
Drinking despite hazard context0.50*(0.28 to 0.91)
Drinking causes legal problems0.54(0.24 to 1.23)
Drinking causes social/interpersonal problems0.56*(0.33 to 0.93)
Satisfy DSM-IV alcohol abuse criteria0.55*(0.34 to 0.91)
Alcohol consumption style
Drinking on 10 or more occasions in the past month0.90(0.55 to 1.47)
Usually binge0.72(0.44 to 1.19)
Drunk on 3 or more occasions in the past month0.58*(0.34 to 0.98)
Drink to get drunk0.70+(0.46 to 1.06)
Binge drinking0.38**(0.20 to 0.69)
Uptake binge drinking in college‡0.48*(0.24 to 0.95)