Table 1

 Rate ratios (95% CI) for suicide in relation to labour market affiliation the previous year and time since first admission to a psychiatric hospital in Denmark during the period 1982–1997

Never admittedFirst admitted after 1 January the previous yearFirst admitted before 1 January the previous year
Number of cases/controlsRate ratio*Number of cases/controlsRate ratio*Number of cases/controlsRate ratio*
*Adjusted for time since latest discharge in each of the two groups (currently admitted, <7, 8–30, 31–182, 183–365, +366 days), diagnosis (depression, schizophrenia, mania, alcohol, other), and marital status (living single, married and cohabitant, and living with partner).
Unemployed1378/371121.67 (1.60,1.79)353/2530.60 (0.46,0.78)870/22981.01 (0.89,1.14)
Social benefits121/14813.12 (2.57,3.79)29/350.41 (0.23,0.74)260/4131.38 (1.14,1.68)
Disability pensioner305/54062.34 (2.06,2.66)69/550.70 (0.45,1.08)1167/25260.98 (0.87,1.11)
Others189/60911.75 (1.50,2.04)65/420.86 (0.53,1.41)221/4051.28 (1.04,1.58)
Fully employed2450/1210331549/2171985/28531