Table 3

Eigenvectors for the principal component analysis

Population componentEconomic component
Bold eigenvectors distinguish individual variables of the principal component structures.
Racial segregation (Gini coefficient)0.230.00
Total population 0.51 0.12
Population density 0.44 0.27
Percentage male−0.19−0.24
Percentage men divorced0.160.13
Unemployment (percentage men unemployed)−0.12 0.50
Income (median household) income0.35 −0.42
Poverty (percentage below the poverty line)−0.15 0.52
High school graduate (%)0.21−0.31
Racial composition (percentage non-white) 0.48 0.21
Family stability (percentage female headed households) 0.45 −0.15
Income inequality0.270.16