Table 2

 Summary of studies presenting results on the weekly distribution of non-fatal coronary events or both fatal and non-fatal events, ordered by total number of events

ReferencePopulation(s)PeriodDiagnostic categoryNumber of events (N)Days with a significant excessMonday excess %95% CI
MI, myocardial infarction; SCD, sudden cardiac death; NA, not available. *Subgroup of active workers (N = 264). †No results given for Monday alone, so an estimate of % was made by halving the combined results from Monday and Tuesday.
Barnett39 centres worldwide1980–95Non-fatal MI153305Monday9.27.9 to 10.5
Peters32 N American centres and one Swedish1987–91Acute MI22516Monday8.55.2 to 11.8
GnecchiItaly1988–89Acute MI11472Monday8.64.0 to 13.2
WHO18 European centres and one Australian1971Acute MI8502Saturday4.1−1.2 to 9.4
AllegraNew Jersey, USA1988–98Cardiac arrests6827Saturday5.1−0.8 to 11.0
WillichAugsburg, Germany1985–90Acute MI and SCD5596Monday11.85.1 to 18.5
PeckovaSeattle, USA1985–93Cardiac arrests5248Monday8.01.2 to 14.9
GenèsFrance1995MI2348None−0.1−10.0 to 9.8
ThompsonLeicester, UK1979–88Acute MI2254Monday, Tuesday12.72.1 to 23.4
SpielbergDessau, Germany1980–88Acute MI1901MondayNA
BiloraNorthern Italy1992Acute MI817Monday*4.5−12.6 to 21.6
KuTaipei1992–96Acute MI540Tuesday5.0−16.1 to 26.1
ZhouChina1991Acute MI428Saturday−15.0−36.6 to 6.7
RabkinCanada1948–77SCD358Monday34.96.3 to 63.5
PaulBoston, USANAMI334Monday and Tuesday combined29.9†0.8 to 59.1