Table 1

 Summary of studies presenting results on the weekly distribution of fatal coronary events, ordered by total number of events

ReferencePopulation(s)PeriodDiagnostic categoryNumber of events (N)Days with a significant excessMonday excess %95% CI
CHD, coronary heart disease; CVD, cardiovascular disease; IHD, ischaemic heart disease; MI, myocardial infarction; SCD, sudden cardiac death; NA, not available. *No statistical testing done but numbers involved make it highly likely that observed increase is statistically significant. †Subgroup of CHD deaths outside hospital in men under 65 years old. ‡Subgroup of men (N = 69934). §Subgroup of men age 25–54 years (N = 6259). ¶Number of events estimated from graphical results.
RogotUSA1962–66CHD>2 millionMonday*NA
AIHWAustralia1979–99Acute MI429255Monday2.01.3 to 2.8
MacfarlaneEngland and Wales1969–72Acute MI373598Monday3.22.4 to 4.0
EvansScotland1986–95CHD170244Monday, Saturday†, Sunday†3.11.9 to 4.3
Chenet, 1998Moscow1993–95CVD117286Monday‡, Saturday‡, Sunday‡0.8−0.6 to 2.2
NäyhäFinland1961–72IHD113246Monday, Saturday3.42.0 to 4.8
MassingSaxony, Germany1968–77MI84538Monday§, Saturday§0.8−0.9 to 2.4
Barnett39 centres worldwide1980–95MI74068Monday6.85.0 to 8.6
Chenet, 2001Lithuania1988–97CVD and IHD41452Monday, Saturday, Sunday9.77.3 to 12.2
ArntzBerlin1987–91SCD24061Monday8.35.1 to 11.5
MacfarlaneGreater London1965–66IHD22813Monday4.00.8 to 7.2
BeardRochester, USA1950–75SCD1054None−3.0−17.6 to 11.6
PasqualettiAquila, Italy1970–87SCD269None24.9¶−7.1 to 56.9
MyersNewcastle, UK1971–72SCD100None26.0−26.7 to 78.7
NicolauBucharest1981–84CVD86Monday70.97.4 to 134.5