Table 3

 Cox regression derived hazard ratios for deaths from all causes (and 95% confidence intervals), by the indicated predictor variables (three villages in Greece, 1981 to 1996)

VariablesIncrement/categoryMen (total deaths: 150)Women (total deaths: 140)
Hazard ratio95% CIHazard ratio95% CI
*Lower educational level representing up to six years of schooling for men and illiteracy for women.
Age10 years3.132.54, 3.863.792.98, 4.82
VillageB1+B2 (sea level)1.00 (reference)1.00 (reference)
A (950 m)0.570.38, 0.840.690.47, 1.02
Educational levelLower*1.00 (reference)1.00 (reference)
Higher1.270.90, 1.791.491.01, 2.20
Body weight1 kg0.990.98,, 1.01
Tobacco smokingnever smoker1.00 (reference)not included (only seven smokers)
ever smoker1.711.20, 2.42
Alcohol consumptionnone1.00 (reference)1.00 (reference)
moderate (⩽2 glasses/day)0.760.51,, 1.75
High (>2 glasses/day)0.940.58, 1.50not included (only one heavy drinker)
Systolic blood pressure10 mm Hg1.121.04,, 1.10
Blood glucose10 mg/100 ml1.061.02,, 1.16
Total serum cholesterol10 mg/100 ml1.041.00, 1.090.970.93, 1.01
Serum uric acid1 mg/100 ml1.030.92,, 1.18
Serum triglycerides10 mg/100 ml0.990.97,, 1.04