Table 3

 Regression coefficients (95% confidence intervals) for mean fruit and vegetable intake (g/day) in 10321 men and 12241 women aged 39–79 years, of the EPIC-Norfolk cohort, 1993–1997 for models based on age, social class, level of education, and deprivation level

Predictor variablesMenWomen
Regression coefficients* β (95% CI)p ValueRegression coefficients* β (95% CI)p Value
*Regression coefficients are shown as the difference in grams per day from the reference category, adjusted for the other factors in the model. †Reference category. Predictor variables: social class—non-manual  =  social classes I, II, and III non-manual, manual  =  social classes III manual, IV, and V. Education—at least O level, no qualifications. Deprivation level—based on Townsend deprivation scores: <0  =  less deprived, >0  =  highly deprived
Social class (manual v non-manual†)−20.0 (−28.3 to −11.6)<0.001−13.2 (−22.0 to −4.5)0.003
Education (no qualifications v at least O level†)−13.2 (−22.3 to −4.0)0.005−30.0 (−38.8 to −21.2)<0.001
Deprivation level (highly deprived v less deprived†)−26.5 (−37.5 to 15.6)<0.001−16.0 (27.2 to −4.9)0.005