Table 3

 Multivariate logistic regression model of characteristics associated with illness in adulthood (n = 608†)

CharacteristicsWithout educational attainmentWith educational attainment
Adjusted odds ratio95% CIAdjusted odds ratio95% CI
†Twenty five participants had missing data for socioeconomic status (SES) at age 7. ‡Corresponds to a 1 SD (15 point) higher FSIQ. §Corresponds to a 1 SD increase in SES at age 7. ¶Birth weight less than 2500 grams. ††General education development degree (high school equivalency). *p<0.05; **p<0.01.
Full scale IQ, age 7‡0.65**(0.47 to 0.89)0.67*(0.48 to 0.95)
Female2.52**(1.62 to 3.91)2.50**(1.60 to 3.90)
White2.21**(1.22 to 3.98)2.25**(1.24 to 4.08)
SES, age 7§0.92(0.72 to 1.19)0.95(0.73 to 1.23)
Low birth weight0.79(0.37 to 1.67)0.82(0.38 to 1.76)
Learning disability, age 71.52(0.98 to 2.36)1.52(0.97 to 2.38)
Attained education
    <High school1.29(0.49 to 3.40)
    GED††1.40(0.54 to 3.61)
    High school graduate0.57(0.22 to 1.49)
    Beyond high school1.03(0.45 to 2.37)
    College degree or morereference