Table 3

 Weighted multivariate logistic regression analysis of factors associated with any violence (physical, sexual, emotional, or financial) among women reporting contact with a current or former partner in previous five years in the 1999 general social survey

FactorAny IPV
Odds ratio(95% CI)
Hosmer-Lemeshow χ2 = 13.8; c-statistic  = 0.77.
Activity limitation
    Often2.12(1.64, 2.74)
    Sometimes1.79(1.40, 2.29)
    Yes2.11(1.36, 3.29)
Age (per 10 year increase)0.80(0.74, 0.87)
Marital status
    Married/common lawreference
    Divorced/separated/widowed7.20(5.93, 8.75)
    Single7.09(5.32, 9.45)
Education of respondent
    University or college graduatereference
    High school graduate1.17(0.99, 1.39)
    Some secondary/elementary/none1.45(1.18, 1.79)
Children 14 years or less living in household
    Yes1.20(1.01, 1.42)
Household income
    $50000 or morereference
    No income–$299991.46(1.17, 1.82)
    $30000–$499991.21(1.00, 1.47)
    Unknown1.16(0.92, 1.46)
Years living in current dwelling
    <51.44(1.23, 1.68)
Religious attendance
    less than once/weekReference
    Once/week or more0.84(0.70, 1.00)
Source of income in past 12 months
    Employment/self employmentreference
    Other sources0.78(0.63, 0.96)
    No income0.75(0.58, 0.98)