Table 4

Multivariable linear regression results for middle aged (45–64 years old) female mortality (weighted by the number of interviewed women in the sub-regions) (n = 6579)

βSEt Testp ValueAdjusted r2
*Measured by the sum of 10 items of Chicago Community Survey Questionnaire; †measured by the average responding, “People are generally dishonest and they want to take advantage of others” (0–3); ‡measured by the average responding, “If I help someone, I can anticipate that they will treat me just as well as I treat them” (0–3); §measured by the average responding, “When I hear of the success of a friend of mine, I feel frustrated” (0–3).
Taxable income−1.03E-050.01−12.50.0000.153
Collective efficacy*0.600.02−26.50.0000.215
Cigarettes per day0.570.0316.70.0000.249
Religious involvement−1.670.09−19.10.0000.263
Years in education−1.540.11−14.50.0000.277
Spirit consumption−2.470.26−9.70.0000.283
Social distrust†2.260.2110.90.0000.288
Membership in civic organisations−5.240.72−7.30.0000.291
Excluded variable: Competitive attitude§