Table 4

 Methodological characteristics and quality of studies of young people’s views about physical activity: an illustration taken from the evidence tables

StudySampling methods (identification; selection; recruitment)Data collection instrument; setting; (reliability/validity)Data analysis(approach; reliability/validity)QualityParticipation(in research process, consent)
Sports Council Wales(1994)30• Young people taking part in larger questionnaire study invited to be interviewed.• In depth interviews conducted by research team in participants’ homes, sometimes with parents present; no detail reported on questions asked or themes explored.• Unclear—direct quotations were grouped under thematic headingsMet five of the seven criteria listed in table 2. Did not provide a clear description of data collection and analysis methods; there were no attempts to establish the reliability or validity of data analysis.• Unclear whether consent was obtained for interviews.
• Further participants recruited via “snowball sample” to identify those less committed to sport.• Interviewers had considerable experience of working with young people• Interviews were tape recorded with participants’ permission.
• No mention of issues of confidentiality.