Table 3

Comparison of regional analysis (RA) to pooled random effect (RE) models

θEstimateLower 95%Upper 95%
θ, theta in the paper, which is the variance on the random effects; RE, random effects; RA, regional average.
Lag 1 RE0.000820231.031.011.06
Lag 1 RANA1.031.011.06
Lag 123 RE−0.003298601.06NANA
Lag 123 RANA1.061.021.09
Lag 1 RE−0.00000391.02NANA
Lag 1 RANA1.021.001.04
Lag 123 RE−0.000004501.03NANA
Lag 123 RANA1.041.011.06