Table 2

Proportion of person years with limiting illness by type of health problem* in the British household panel survey 1991–2001

*More than one type of health problem may be reported each year.
Problems or disability connected with: arms, legs, hands, feet, back, or neck (including arthritis and rheumatism)3.44.1
Difficulty in seeing (other than needing glasses to read normal size print)0.40.4
Difficulty in hearing0.70.4
Skin conditions/allergies0.41.2
Chest/breathing problems, asthma, bronchitis0.71.2
Heart/blood pressure or blood circulation problems1.21.0
Stomach/liver/kidneys or digestive problems0.70.7
Anxiety, depression, or bad nerves0.71.2
Alcohol or drug related problems0.10.0
Migraine or frequent headaches0.51.3
Other health problems0.50.9
Any health problem5.46.0
Person years1745617916