Table 4

Means* of C reactive protein (CRP), serum amyloid A protein, (SAA) and fibrinogen by socioeconomic status and age group

Socioeconomic status
LowMiddleHighp Value†
*Geometric means of CRP and SAA, and arithmetic means of fibrinogen, adjusted for age, smoking, waist to hip ratio, and prevalent longstanding diseases.
†p for trend.
CRP (mg/l)<60 years2.181.581.310.017
60–74 years2.152.131.830.267
SAA (μg/l)<60 years6.254.454.240.032
60–74 years5.545.325.280.842
Fibrinogen (g/l)<60 years4.033.663.45<0.001
60–74 years4.053.943.780.005