Table 1

 Distribution of neighbourhood indicators for 863 neighbourhoods in London and 223 neighbourhoods in Helsinki

Quartile 1Quartile 2Quartile 3Quartile 4All neighbourhoodsIndex of dissimilarity¶
*% Unemployed, number of unemployed residents per total labour force. †% Manual workers, number of residents employed in manual occupations divided by the number of economically active residents. In London, the proportion of manual workers is based on a 10% sample of the population as occupational coding is not undertaken for the whole sample. ‡% Single households, number of one person households divided by the total number of households. §% Single parent households, number of households with one adult and one or more children divided by the total number of households. ¶The index of dissimilarity was calculated for unemployed compared with employed residents, manual compared with non-manual residents, single households compared with households with two or more adults, and for single parent households compared with two parent households.
% Unemployed*
% Manual workers†
% Single households‡
% Single parent households§