Table 3

Predictors of drinking large amounts of alcohol during adolescence

OR*p value†
*Odds ratio of GEE analyses including ages 11 to 21 adjusted for sex.
†p value of −2 log likelihood ratio χ2 test of the predictor.
‡1.00 is not included in 95% confidence intervals of odds ratio.
Social environmental factors
Mother’s attitude towards alcohol consumption child0.0425
    strongly disapprove1.00
    does not mind1.40‡
    (strongly) approves1.44
Friends’ attitude towards alcohol consumption0.0407
    strongly disapprove1.00
    does not mind1.35‡
    (strongly) approves1.46‡
Noticeable alcohol problems in family0.0341
Have your parents told you anything about alcohol0.0216
    negative messages1.00
    neutral/positive messages1.36‡
Attachment to parents0.0012
    high attachment1.00
    medium attachment1.42‡
    low attachment1.50‡
Achievement factors
    higher intelligence scores1.00
    medium intelligence scores1.12
    lower intelligence scores1.42‡