Table 2

Association between occupational level of the father and drinking large amounts of alcohol during adolescence

11 OR*13 OR*15 OR*18 OR*21 OR*Longitudinal GEE adolescent period OR†
*Odds ratio of logistic regression adjusted for sex.
†Odds ratio of longitudinal GEE analyses including age 11 to 21 adjusted for sex.
‡p value of −2 log likelihood χ2 test of occupational level of the father.
§1.00 is not included in 95% confidence intervals of odds ratio.
Occupational level of father (frequency)
    higher professional, administrative (14%)
    lower professional, technical (14%)1.391.041.701.421.461.37 (0.97 to 1.93)
    clerical, highly skilled (26%)0.840.831.501.98§1.671.26 (0.92 to 1.73)
    skilled (29%)0.820.911.512.15§1.89§1.34 (0.99 to 1.82)
    semi-skilled, unskilled (17%)1.021.402.80§2.17§2.49§1.85 (1.32 to 2.60)
p value‡0.30060.38040.02020.01390.05330.0106
Number of study members assessed925850976993992
Number of study members interviewed on alcohol794734844915900