Table 3

 Odds ratios and 95% confidence intervals for participants in the 1996 Active for Life survey (wave 2) perceptions of the environment and the likelihood of any walking (⩾walking for at least 15 min/week the past four weeks) and frequent walking (⩾150 min/week walking per week in the past four weeks) by gender

Perceptions of environmentWomenMen
⩾walking for at least 15 min/week*⩾150 min/week walking*⩾walking for at least 15 min/week*⩾150 min/week walking*
OR95% CIpOR95% CIpOR95% CIpOR95% CIp
*Adjusted for age, SES, educational qualifications, self reported health limitation, and car ownership.
Safe to walk in the day
    Low safety0.530.31 to 0.880.010.580.31 to to 5.300.350.730.28 to 1.920.53
Safe to walk at night
    Low safety0.920.66 to 1.400.651.040.72 to 1.510.821.470.97 to to 1.300.47
Park/open space convenience
    High convenience0.620.38 to to 2.040.690.480.25 to 0.940.332.221.18 to 4.350.01
Local shops convenience
    Low convenience0.720.52 to 0.990.031.000.71 to 1.420.971.010.68 to 1.500.941.681.10 to 2.570.15
Neighbourhood aesthetics
    Low aesthetics1.060.74 to 1.500.760.930.64 to 1.360.720.860.56 to 1.300.480.940.61 to 1.460.79
Neighbourhood traffic
    High traffic levels1.320.86 to to to 1.650.452.010.74 to 1.960.45
Access to leisure centre
    High access1.160.74 to 1.790.520.890.58 to 1.350.580.890.58 to 1.360.550.840.48 to 1.490.55
    No company1.060.76 to 1.470.731.240.89 to 1.720.191.030.69 to 1.520.880.790.53 to 1.170.23
No company
    Prefers company1.140.83 to 1.560.411.220.89 to 1.670.221.100.70 to 1.710.671.220.811.84