Table 1

 Mercury concentrations, seafood consumption frequency, and exposure assessment for reproductive age women in Vieques and Puerto Rico (2000–2002)

NumberAge (SE)BMI*(Hg)(ppm)Margin of exposure†Seafood consumption‡% Of women exceeding RfD§
Median¶90th centileTotal *Local**Local fish
*Arithmetic mean significant (p<0.05); †MOE<10 is unsafe mercury exposure; ‡average weekly frequency of seafood consumption; §RfD = 0.1 μg/kg per day; ¶medians significant (p<0.05); **arithmetic mean significant (p<0.01); ††data not available.
Vieques4131.8 (1.3)25.9 (0.9)0.668.961.
NE Puerto Rico4529.9 (1.2)29.4 (1.2)0.381122.