Table 1

 Characteristics of 4157 participants in the 1996 Active for Life survey (wave 2), demographics, self reported walking, and perceptions of the environment by gender

Number of subjectsMenWomenAllp
Age group (%)0.39
Social status (%)<0.01
Educational qualifications (%)<0.01
    A levels or higher39.428.333.1
    Any qualifications33.333.933.7
    No qualifications27.237.833.3
Self reported health limitation (%)<0.01
Car use (%)<0.01
Home ownership (%)0.07
    Owned/being bought78.275.576.7
Walking for at least 15 min/week (%)0.43
    ⩽15 min/week10.511.310.9
    ⩾15 min/week89.588.789.1
Walking for at least 150 min/week (%)0.32
    ⩽150 min/week (%)
⩾150 mins/week10.911.911.5
Perceptions of environment
Safe to walk in the day (%)<0.01
    High safety97.093.194.8
    Low safety3.06.95.2
Safe to walk at night (%)<0.01
    High safety68.229.546.1
    Low safety31.870.553.9
Park/open space convenience (%)0.52
    High convenience89.388.688.9
    Low convenience10.711.411.1
Local shops convenience (%)0.33
    High convenience69.370.870.1
    Low convenience30.729.229.9
Neighbourhood aesthetics (%)<0.01
    High aesthetics60.774.468.9
    Low aesthetics39.325.631.1
Neighbourhood traffic (%)<0.01
    High traffic levels93.588.890.8
    Low traffic levels6.511.29.2
Access to leisure centre (%)0.04
    High access90.188.188.9
    Low access9.911.911.1
Company (%)0.19
    Has company36.634.635.5
    No company63.465.464.5
No company (%)0.51
    Not prefer company30.931.931.5
    Prefers company69.168.168.5