Table 3

Summary of health related quality of life outcomes for intervention and control groups by Vitality Plus Scale for the least physical active population

VariablesMBvO1MBvO2Control groupMultiple analysis of variance
Group x Time
Baseline (n = 98)Post-test (n = 98)Baseline (n = 53)Post-test (n = 53)Baseline (n = 126)Post-test (n = 126)Fp Value
*There is a difference between MBvO2 and MBvO1 and control group: post hoc test Tukey β: p<0.05. The least active group are people who scored under the median of the Voorrips scale at baseline (median = 4.10)
Vitality Plus Scale39.11 (7.08)39.04 (7.43)37.09 (7.15)40.00 (6.97)38.92 (6.81)38.73 (6.79)5.360.01*