Table 1

 NS-SeC classes and example occupations

NS-SeC classExample occupations
* “Not classified”.
1Large employers and higher managerial and professional occupationsDirectors of major organisations; officers in armed forces; senior officers in national government; clergy; medical practitioners; higher education teaching professionals
2Lower managerial and professional occupationsJournalists, newspaper editors; musicians; nurses; paramedics; school teachers
3Intermediate occupationsGraphic designers; medical secretaries; travel agents; ambulance staff (excluding paramedics); police officers (sergeant and below)
4Small employers and own account workersFarmers; hotel managers; product designers; roofers; taxi-cab drivers
5Lower supervisory and technical occupationsBakers; electricians; gardeners; road construction operatives; train drivers
6Semi-routine occupationsDental nurses; farm workers; housekeepers; scaffolders; traffic wardens
7Routine occupationsButchers; cleaners, domestics; furniture makers; labourers in building and woodworking trades; waiters, waitresses
8Never worked and long term unemployed
*Full time students; occupations not stated or inadequately described; not classifiable for other reasons