Table 1B

Lifestyle characteristics of subjects at randomisation

VariablesMBvO1(n = 98)MBvO2(n = 53)Control group(n = 126)Total(n = 277)p Value
*Kruskal-Wallis one way analysis of variance (with Tukey β); †χ2 test; ‡corrected for smoking.
Life style factors
Physical activity (index, SD)
Household activities1.92(0.57)1.93(0.51)1.98(0.53)1.95(0.59)0.72*
Sports activities‡3.33(3.79)4.36(4.98)3.71(4.87)3.70(4.54)0.42*
Total household/sports act‡5.26(3.92)6.29(4.87)5.69(4.87)6.65(4.64)0.42*
Smoking (%, n)%n%n%n%n0.027†
    no, formerly yes41(40)53(28)55(69)50(137)
    no, never49(47)26(14)3442)38(103)
Alcohol (%, n)0.73†
    yes, maximal 5 glasses weekly39(38)34(18)35(44)36(100)
    yes, 6–10 glasses weekly17(16)23(12)17(21)18(49)
    yes, 11–21 glasses weekly4(4)11(6)7(9)7(19)
    yes, more than 21 glasses weekly1(1)2(2)1(3)