Table 1

Effect of NHS smoking cessation services on the relative risk of smoking in people living in the most and least deprived quintiles using hypothetical smoking rates

Deprivation quintilePopulation*Smoking rate, %†Number of smokers‡Relative risk‡(95% CI)§% Of population quitting*Number of quitters*Number of smokers‡Smoking rate, %†Relative risk(95% CI)‡§
*Data from Lowey et al2; †sensitivity estimates including data from Lowey et al2; ‡data calculated by us; §relative risk of smoking in most deprived compared with least deprived quintile.
Least deprived18706425467660.05854668124.95
Most deprived33680025842001 (0.99 to 1.01)0.258268337424.750.99 (0.98 to 1.00)
Least deprived1870645593530.0585592684.95
Most deprived336800501684001.58 (1.56 to 1.59)0.2582616757449.751.57 (1.56 to 1.58)
Least deprived18706415280600.05852797514.95
Most deprived336800391313522.60 (2.57 to 2.63)0.2582613052638.752.59 (2.56 to 2.62)