Table 1

Input data for estimating the impact of tobacco taxation on life expectancy in New Zealand

Total populationPopulation living in the most deprived 30% of neighbourhoods
*The reported average weekly expenditure on tobacco (as a proportion of total household expenditure) was the same for the lowest three deciles as for the whole population. Over all the deciles it ranged from a low of 0.49% (decile 1) to a peak of 1.78% (decile 5).
Life expectancy 10
Life expectancy (LE) of total population (years)74.479.671.077.2
Total lost LE compared with the reference population of the least deprived decile (that is, decile 1)
Tobacco use contribution to lost LE (years) [A]
Non-tobacco contribution to lost LE (years) [B]
Tobacco expenditure and tax
Proportion of average weekly household expenditure on tobacco15 [C]*1.19%1.19%1.19%1.19%
Proportion of average weekly household expenditure related to tobacco tax.16 [D = C×70%]0.83%0.83%0.83%0.83%