Table 3

 Matched odds ratios of peripheral neuropathy associated with exposure to lipid lowering drugs one year before the index date. Province of Varese, Italy, 1997–1999

OR†(95% CI)†
†Odds ratios, and 95% confidence intervals, estimated including exposure to statins and fibrates and presence of thyroid disease, diabetes, anaemia, chronic renal failure, and connective tissue disease as covariates in a model of conditional logistic regression. *p<0.05.
Statins1.19*(1.00 to 1.40)
Fibrates1.49*(1.03 to 2.17)
Thyroid disease2.75*(1.72 to 4.14)
Diabetes1.76*(1.52 to 2.05)
Anaemia1.45*(1.22 to 1.73)
Chronic renal failure2.79*(1.64 to 4.74)
Connective tissue disease2.49(0.89 to 6.92)