Table 2

Percentages of smokers, former smokers, and students with no smoking history at baseline and at the first follow up measurement (only students with data regarding baseline and first follow up measurement)*

Intervention n=986Control n=683
BaselineFollow up measurement 1†BaselineFollow up measurement 1†
*The smokers consist of the categories: smokes at least once a week, less than once a week, and experiments with smoking. The non-smokers consist of the categories: has quit, has experimented but does not anymore, and has never smoked.
†As the person to person relation between baseline and follow up measurement is not presented in this table, it is not possible to calculate the students that took up smoking or stop smoking at the first follow up measurement.
Smokes at least once a week9.312.49.715.4
Smokes less than once a week1.
Experiments with smoking6.
Has smoked but quit2.
Has experiment with smoking, but does not smoke anymore27.434.632.534.4
Has never smoked52.543.647.938.1