Table 1

 Baseline mobility (median, first, and third quartile) and mobility decline, for different socioeconomic status indicators and for every disease group

Education*NumberBaseline mobilityMobility decline (%)Occupation†NumberBaseline mobilityMobility decline %Income‡NumberBaseline mobilityMobility decline (%)
median1st–3rd quartilemedian1st–3rd quartilemedian1st–3rd quartile
*Education: high (university, higher vocational), medium (higher secondary, intermediate vocational), low (lower secondary, lower vocational). †Occupation: 1 (higher) grade professionals, 2 routine non-manual workers or high skilled manual workers, 3 self employed, 4 low skilled and unskilled manual workers. ‡Equivalent income in euros: high (>947.04), medium (657.53–947.04), low (<657.53).
    High660.000.00 to 10.6322.711340.000.00 to 11.2024.6High1280.000.00 to 11.2022.7
    Medium1630.000.00 to11.2027.621050.000.00 to 11.2029.5Medium1320.000.00 to 11.2037.9
    Low22710.790.00 to 21.9942.331415.850.00 to 31.4442.9Low12911.200.00 to 26.9145.7
412711.200.00 to 21.9942.5
p value<0.01<0.01p value<0.010.01p value<0.01<0.01
Heart disease770Heart disease687Heart disease670
    High990.000.00 to 9.3020.212290.000.00 to 11.2027.5High2200.000.00 to 11.2025.9
    Medium2560.000.00 to 11.2034.021890.000.00 to 11.2039.2Medium2210.000.00 to 20.5038.9
    Low41510.570.00 to 23.8941.232820.500.00 to 31.0742.9Low22911.200.00 to 31.0740.2
424110.570.00 to 31.0740.9
p value<0.01<0.01p value<0.010.02p value<0.01<0.01
    High130.000.00 to 5.6023.11340.000.00 to 0.0029.4High330.000.00 to 10.8924.2
    Medium410.000.00 to 11.2026.82380.000.00 to 20.4139.5Medium360.000.00 to 11.2038.9
    Low760.000.00 to 20.4043.43520.500.00 to 38.2340.0Low360.000.00 to 23.2650.0
4460.000.00 to 25.5741.3
p value0.720.12p value0.050.73p value0.500.09
Low back pain696Low back pain631Low back pain602
    High9310.570.00 to 11.2033.3120411.200.00 to 21.7732.4High21011.200.00 to 21.7731.4
    Medium24511.200.00 to 21.7738.8217811.200.00 to 21.7740.4Medium20711.200.00 to 21.9935.3
    Low35811.200.00 to 32.5637.432321.9911.20 to 32.5634.8Low18521.360.00 to 35.2340.5
422611.420.00 to 32.5638.9
p value<0.010.65p value<0.010.36p value<0.010.17