Table 2

 Proportion of participants who reported ever having traffic tickets fixed, according to history of a serious road traffic accident (SRTA) and risk taking driving behaviours

% Among respondents who did not reported having tickets fixed (n)% Among respondents who reported having tickets fixed (n)p for comparison
Maximum speed in built up areas >5566.8 (9884)74.8 (3664)<0.001
Maximum speed on rural roads >10030.7 (9872)43.6 (3659)<0.001
Maximum speed on motorways >14519.9 (9825)33.5 (3650)<0.001
Drinking and driving in the past 12 months19.9 (9904)26.9 (3671)<0.001
Risky use of cellular phone while driving9.9 (9946)18.7 (3677)0.001
At least one SRTA as a driver of a four wheel vehicle in the follow-up period5.3 (9956)6.8 (3681)<0.001