Table 1

Distribution of occupational categories, age, and job characteristics among cases and controls, age adjusted odds ratios and 95% confidence intervals

Cases(n = 203)Controls(n = 287)Age adjustedOdds ratio
Number%Number%OR95% CI
*Referent category, craft and related trades workers (7th occupational category); †SEM, standard error of mean; ‡job strain, ratio of job demands to control.
Occupational categories
0 Armed forces51.7
1 Legislators, senior officials and managers3014.8279.41.931.07 to 3.50
2 Professionals2210.83612.51.060.58 to 1.94
3 Technicians and associate professionals157.4186.31.420.67 to 3.01
4 Clerks10.520.7
5 Service, shop, and market sales workers21.062.1
6 Skilled agricultural workers10.5
7 Craft and related trades workers*7336.012744.31.0
8 Plant and machine operators and assemblers5426.56020.91.580.99 to 2.52
9 Elementary occupations52.562.11.450.43 to 4.92
Mean SEM† Mean SEM†
Age (y) 53.90.5352.20.49
Psychosocial work environment
Job control (6–24)13.20.1814.20.18
Job demands (5–20)10.60.1611.30.12
Job strain‡0.820.010.830.01