Table 3

 Adjusted* odds ratios and 95% confidence intervals (CIs) for the association between computer use and FDT-VFA in subjects with and without refractive errors

Subjects with refractive errorsSubjects without refractive errorsp for interaction†
FDT-VFA (+)FDT-VFA(−)Odds ratio95%CIFDT-VFA (+)FDT-VFA(−)Odds ratio95%CI
n (%)n (%)n (%)n (%)
*Adjusted by unconditional logistic analysis for age, sex, body mass index, ocular hypertension, family history, and smoking habit. †Significance of interaction was determined using the model with computer use × refractive errors term to the model with main effects only. FDT-VFA, visual field abnormalities detected by frequency doubling technology perimetry.
Computer use
    Light users108 (26.0)1530 (30.2)1.00(reference)63 (59.4)1643 (46.5)1.00(reference)
    Moderate users216 (51.9)2629 (51.9)1.341.04 to 1.7336 (34.0)1453 (41.1)0.740.48 to 1.150.004
    Heavy users92 (22.1)910 (18.0)1.741.28 to 2.377 (6.6)437 (12.4)0.450.19 to 1.06
Total4165069p for trend <0.0011063533