Table 1

 Discrete problem types reported in the survey, and percentage/number of respondents reporting one or more problem of each type

Problem typeExample%Number
ConsumerFaulty goods/services (for example, building work)13.3748
NeighboursAnti-social behaviour8.4471
Money/debtMis-selling of financial products, disputed bills8.3465
EmploymentTermination/terms of employment6.1344
Personal injuryRoad accidents, workplace accidents3.9217
Housing (renting)Repairs to property/unfit housing, lease terms3.8215
Housing (owning)Boundaries/rights of way, planning permission2.4135
Welfare benefitsEntitlement to/quantification of benefits2.3127
Relationship breakdownResidence/care of children, division of assets2.2124
ChildrenSchool exclusion, choice of school1.9108
Medical negligenceNegligent medical or dental treatment1.692
Domestic violenceViolence against respondent/children1.688
DiscriminationDisability discrimination, race discrimination1.480
Unfair police treatmentAssault/unreasonable detention by police0.738
Housing (homelessness)Experience/threat of homelessness0.636
Mental healthConditions of/care after hospital discharge0.526
ImmigrationObtaining authority to remain in the UK0.318