Table 3

Effect on simulated life expectancy (LE) and standard error of substituting for zero deaths by substitution method; population of 5000, using the Chiang methodology with a five year abridged life table to 85+ and assuming the population age structure and mortality rates of English men, 1998–2000

Substitution methodMean of simulated life expectanciesObserved standard errorMean estimated standard error
Reference 75.44 1.94 1.94
No substitutions75.701.991.96
Life expectancy and variance—0.693 deaths71.121.502.67
Life expectancy and variance—three deaths58.101.753.48
Life expectancy and variance—expected deaths73.911.672.21
Variance only—0.693 deaths75.701.992.86
Variance only—three eeaths75.701.994.57
Variance only—expected deaths75.701.992.29