Table 2

Reference and simulated standard error of life expectancy (LE) by methodology and population size; assuming the population age structure and mortality rates of English men 1998–2000

Life table modelMeasure of standard errorStandard error of LE for population size of:
MethodologyAge intervals50010005000100002500050000
*Reference standard error, the standard error calculated by the life table using the exact underlying mortality rates; †observed standard error, the standard deviation of the distribution of the simulated life expectancy estimates; ‡mean estimated standard error, the mean of the distribution of the simulated standard error estimates. Source: Interim Life Tables 1998–2000, Government Actuaries Department; Office for National Statistics Annual District Mortality Extracts 1998–2000; Office for National Statistics Mid-Year Population Estimates 1998–2000.
Chiang (adjusted)Abridged5 y 85+Reference SE*6.124.331.941.370.870.61
Observed SE†5.744.331.991.370.850.60
Mean estimated SE‡
5 y 90+Reference SE6.074.291.921.360.860.61
Observed SE6.034.241.971.380.860.61
Mean estimated SE5.183.871.961.370.860.61
5 y 95+Reference SE6.054.281.911.350.860.60
Observed SE6.394.411.911.360.860.60
Mean estimated SE5.804.131.881.350.860.61
10 y 85+Reference SE6.134.341.941.370.870.61
Observed SE5.804.342.021.390.870.61
Mean estimated SE5.124.231.981.380.870.61
10 y 95+Reference SE6.024.261.901.350.850.60
Observed SE6.554.521.951.390.880.62
Mean estimated SE5.714.111.881.340.860.60
SilcocksAbridged5 y 85+Reference SE6.154.351.951.380.870.62
Observed SE5.824.382.051.400.870.62
Mean estimated SE5.194.322.011.390.870.62
5 y 90+Reference SE6.104.311.931.360.860.61
Observed SE6.054.231.991.400.860.61
Mean estimated SE5.353.982.021.400.870.61
5 y 95+Reference SE6.094.301.921.360.860.61
Observed SE6.494.451.911.360.870.61
Mean estimated SE6.014.221.901.360.880.62
10 y 85+Reference SE6.184.371.951.380.870.62
Observed SE5.784.402.051.400.880.62
Mean estimated SE5.204.372.021.390.880.62
10 y 95+Reference SE6.184.371.951.380.870.62
Observed SE6.434.471.951.370.880.62
Mean estimated SE6.014.221.921.380.890.63