Table 3

 Studies of firearm storage practices and suicide risk

AuthorsCasesControlsMeasures of firearm storageOdds ratio (CI)*/p value
*Odds ratios  =  95% confidence interval. †NS, not significant; p values not reported.
Brent et al, 1988422756 suicidal psychiatric inpatientsFirearms stored loadedNS†
Firearms stored lockedNS†
Brent et al, 19914147(a) 47 suicide attemptersGuns stored lockedNS†
(b) 47 never suicidal psychiatric controlsGuns stored togetherNS†
with ammunitionNS†
Guns stored loaded
Brent et al, 1993387, all with no apparent psychopathology(a) 60 adolescent suicide victims with psychiatric disorderLoaded gun in the homeCases v a: p<0.01
(b) 38 community controls with no psychiatric disorderCases v b: p<0.01
Brent et al, 1993436767 matched community dwelling controlsLoaded gun in the homeNS†
Conwell et al, 20023786, ages 50 and over86 matched community dwelling controls⩾1 gun kept unlocked9.52 (1.52 to 58.82)
⩾1 gun kept loaded6.41 (1.17 to 35.71)
Kellermann et al, 199236438438 matched community dwelling controlsAny gun kept loaded9.2 (4.1 to 20.1)
All guns kept unloaded3.3 (1.7 to 6.1)
Any gun kept unlocked5.6 (3.1 to 10.4)
All guns kept locked up2.4 (1.0 to 5.7)
Shah et al, 20003936 firearm suicide victims36 matched community dwelling controls⩾1 unlocked gun in the homep = 0.05
Crude OR 2.57 (0.98 to 6.70)